Alfeus System

Controlled pipe flushing,
optimized inflows to the wastewater treatment plant,
a perfect overview of the entire network.

Our benefits


ALFEUS moves with the times. This is an innovative solution 
that has a number of benefits and makes your work more comfortable and convenient.


Regular monitoring means you can avoid malfunctions. The system immediately reports any non-standard situation.


ALFEUS regularly collects data. The data obtained can be monitored either in real time or retrospectively.


ALFEUS monitors, collects data, reports. All using a simple web application.


We've got your back! We can access the system, too. We can resolve any non-standard situation immediately.


The state-of-the-art pressure network flushing technology that forms part of the ALFEUS system means the pipes never get clogged. We obtained the licence from Brno University of Technology.

How the ALFEUS system works


IT REPORTS non-standard situations. In the event of a malfunction, the system submits a report to the user or operator, and to the service technician. This quickly and efficiently resolves the problem.


IT REMOTELY CONTROLS VARIOUS EQUIPMENT – pressure pumps, rainwater pumps and sewerage networks.


IT COLLECTS DATA, giving the user an overview of the status of the equipment.


IT PROTECTS the environment.



Technological solution

Communication via a radio signal

How it works

The ALFEUS SYSTEM is designed primarily for NETWORK OPERATORS, i.e. especially for YOU.
Have the entire network under control! ALFEUS will be your right hand and make your work easier.
We have designed ALFEUS in cooperation with developers, just for YOU. It has now been used by pumping station operators for more than 5 years.


If the pipe profile is not designed properly, it may get clogged. To stop this from happening, we purchased a patent for state-of-the-art technology from Brno University of Technology. It regularly flushes the individual sections of the pressure sewer, using nothing more than household sumps. This prevents clogging. If a sewer line does get clogged, it is very expensive to clear it. By implementing this into our ALFEUS system, we reduce network operators’ costs.


How to log in to ALFEUS?
It’s easy! All you need is a computer and your login details. As soon as you purchase ALFEUS from us, you’ll receive your login details. You use them to access the web application. How? Click the green LOG IN button here on the page.


And how does it all work?

  • You can control the system remotely.
  • You can run the individual branches to optimize the inflow to the wastewater treatment plant. This means the individual processes run optimally for your operations.
  • The simple app allows you to turn on/off all or part of the network.
  • The innovative system features mean the network is not overloaded in the event of new construction.

Do you have pumping technology already installed and want to add ALFEUS to your system? Get in touch with us!

We implement ALFEUS in new and existing technologies.

Would you like to have separate control of your individual pumping technologies?
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