Alfeus Home

Pumping technology fully under control.
From anywhere and anytime.

Our benefits


ALFEUS moves with the times. This is an innovative solution that offers numerous benefits and increases comfort and convenience.


YOU control the pumping technology. From the comfort of your home, from your cottage, from on holiday. Want to be in control? You should be!


Regular monitoring means you can avoid malfunctions. The system immediately reports any non-standard situation.


ALFEUS regularly collects data. The data obtained can be monitored either in real time or retrospectively.


ALFEUS monitors, collects data, reports. All using a simple mobile or web application.


We've got your back! We can access the system, too. We can resolve any non-standard situation immediately.

How the ALFEUS system works


IT REPORTS non-standard situations. In the event of a malfunction, the system submits a report to the user or operator, and to the service technician. This quickly and efficiently resolves the problem.


IT REMOTELY CONTROLS VARIOUS EQUIPMENT – pressure pumps, rainwater pumps and sewerage networks.


IT COLLECTS DATA, giving the user an overview of the status of the equipment.


IT PROTECTS the environment.



Technological solution

Communication via GSM signal (SIM CARD)

How it works

ALFEUS HOME is designed primarily for INDIVIDUAL PUMPING STATION OWNERS, in other words, especially for YOU.

Have your pumping technology under control! This will reduce the possibility of malfunctions and give you a clear overview of all the costs associated you’re your pumping technology. ALFEUS will increase the quality of your life. It offers CONVENIENCE and EFFICIENCY.

We have designed ALFEUS in cooperation with developers, just for YOU. It has now been serving pumping station owners for more than 3 years.

How to LOG IN to ALFEUS?

It’s easy! You have 2 options. Which is the right one for you?

Log in via our:

  • Web app – as soon as you purchase ALFEUS from us, you’ll receive your login data from us and then simply log in via the green button here on the website.
  • Mobile app

– iPhone

  1. visit the App Store and download iXmanager – your versatile remote control
  2. register
  3. use your device to scan the QR code on your control panel (ALFEUS is part of it)

– Android

  1. visit the Play Store and download iXmanager – your versatile remote control 
  2. register
  3. use your device to scan the QR code on your control panel (ALFEUS is part of it)


And how does it all work?

  • The control panel in the pump contains a SIM card, which regularly informs you about the status of your pump. This lets you check everything from the comfort of your home.
  • ALFEUS works in all directions. It sends information on how your pumping technology is working to your mobile phone. This gives you the perfect overview! The system also works in the opposite direction: you can send a command to your pumping technology, or change the settings (for example: “Switch on now!” ” Switch off now!”).
  • If the pumping equipment malfunctions, the system immediately reports this to you, and also to the service technician. This means the problem can quickly be fixed. The data collected gives you an overview of the amount of water pumped out and the electricity consumption.
  • The system can also be controlled remotely, using your own settings.


Do you have pumping technology already installed and want to add ALFEUS to your system?
Get in touch with us!
Not only do we implement ALFEUS in new technologies, we can also easily replace the automation for you. Quickly, cleanly, efficiently.

Are you an operator and have the entire sewerage network at your fingertips?
Make your work easier with the ALFEUS SYSTEM