Smart pressure sewer

A modern solution that manages ‘underground’ technologies quickly, easily and efficiently. ALFEUS protects your comfort andthe environment.

Our benefits


ALFEUS is an innovative solution that supports environmental protection.


ALFEUS regularly collects data taking place systematically over a certain time period. You can monitor the information obtained either in real time or retroactively.


System implementation is possible in technologies around the world.


ALFEUS is an innovative solution that supports environmental protection.


ALFEUS is an innovative solution that supports environmental protection.

How does it work


IT REPORTS unusual situations. If a fault occurs, the system not only reports it to the user or operator, but also to a service technician. Therefore, the problem is solved quickly and efficiently.


IT REMOTELY CONTROLS various devices – pressure pumps, rainwater pumps and sewage networks.


IT COLLECTS DATA to give the user a device status overview.


IT PROTECTS the environment.


IT SIGNIFICANTLY reduces operating costs.

Two technological solution options

Communication via radio signal
arrow-down Communication via GSM signal (SIM CARD)

Who/what ALFEUS is used by/for

NETWORK OPERATORS to make their work easier. The operator can control the system remotely and open individual branches so that the inlet to the wastewater treatment plant is minimal. Therefore, individual processes proceed optimally with respect to operation. A simple application allows the operator to turn on/off all or part of the network. Thanks to the system’s innovative functions, the network is not overloaded in the event of new construction.

INDIVIDUAL USERS OF THE PRESSURE SEWER SYSTEM, to whom they offer comfort and efficiency. The control automation in the pump contains a SIM card that regularly provides information regarding the device status. As a result, the user can check everything from the comfort of their home.

If a fault occurs, the system not only reports the defect immediately to the user, but also reports it to a service technician. Thanks to data collection, the user receives an overview of the amount of drained water and electricity consumption. The system can also be controlled remotely, from holiday for example, according to its own settings (the pump can pump every 4, 6, 8… hours).

FLUSHING THE PRESSURE SEWER. Centrifugal pumps are less powerful than spindle pumps, although they have many other advantages. However, lower performance can occasionally cause blockages in the pipes. In order to prevent such clogging, we purchased a modern technology patent from Brno University of Technology.

It regularly flushes individual sections of the pressure sewer system, using only household tanks. This prevents clogging. If the sewer system is clogged, the solution is very expensive. Thanks to this function’s implementation in the ALFEUS system, we reduce the operating costs for network operators.